SoHo Candy

Insanely Sour Rainbow Belt | 1LB Container


Embark on a flavor adventure with our Sour Rainbow Candy Belt! Each belt is packed with a spectrum of sour sensations, delivering an explosion of fruity flavors that will make your taste buds dance. From tangy citrus to sweet berry, experience the full spectrum of taste in every chewy bite. Perfect for those who crave a sour punch with a hint of sweetness, our Sour Rainbow Candy Belt is sure to brighten up your day and add a burst of excitement to snack time!

  • Premium Quality Ingredients 

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, wheat flour, apple juice from concentrate (3%), malic acid, palm oil, citric acid, sorbitol, artificial flavor, artificial colors (titanium dioxide, FD&C red NO.40, FD&C blue NO.1, FD&C yellow NO>5) monoglyceride, contains sweetener.

Contains: Gluten