About Us

Born with an NYC dream and a passion for life and color, SoHo Sweet was created as a fun and trendy brand, centered around a whimsical love for candy confections and the SoHo-New York City lifestyle.

SoHo Sweet started with humble beginnings, as a few hand-packed and hand-labled bags of candy meant for friends and family, and has grown into a line of distinctive items, focused on superior taste and quality, with a vibrant New York City spirit.

SoHo Sweet licorice and gummies include the timeless classics like Rainbow Belts and Sour Worms and carry that standard of quality into a dazzling array of candy innovations like Cotton Candy Spagetti and Gummy Unicorns.


SoHo Sweet Candy | Hauppauge, NY 11788 | 516-496-7400